15 Easy Ways to Increase the Size of Your Email List for Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing and Why Do You Use It?

For any online business, email marketing has become a must-have tool. Email marketing is a type of direct marketing that involves sending messages to a target audience via email. The word, on the other hand, refers to;

• Sending emails to inspire customer loyalty and repeat business by strengthening the relationship between a merchant and its current or former customers.
• Sending emails to prospective customers in order to get them to buy something right away.
• Providing previous customers with ads, coupons, and discount codes so they can use it right away.

You can use email marketing to expand your business if you already have your customers’ email addresses. It is your responsibility as a marketer to keep your database current with new contacts. If you haven’t already started working on growing your email list, read on because I’ll show you 16 ways to do so.

  1. Create Outstanding Content:

The first point to consider is why people sign up for your newsletter in the first place. People will remain connected to you if you write something fresh and special; otherwise, they will unsubscribe from your email subscription or newsletter. Since your content is so important, it should be special and fresh.

  1. Encourage sharing of our Emails:

By using social media buttons and “an email to a friend” button in your newsletters, you will invite your existing subscribers to share or forward them. You have a chance of getting new subscribers if any of your subscribers post or forward your email to their friends and family.

  1. Give Gifts:

On social media and via email, you can hold an online contest or offer free giveaways to your readers. Make an online form with columns for email addresses and personal information. As a result, any of your readers who wish to enter the contest must include their email address to you.

  1. Craft a compelling opt-in message:

If you have an email list and some clients who don’t participate in your business, you can send them an engaging opt-in message. If they reply, keep them on your email list; if they don’t, delete them all. As a result, these activities can assist you in bringing your older clients back on board.

  1. Make Content Free:

If you run a blog or work as a web developer, build an eBook or a sample version of software and provide free email exchange to your followers. You may provide an email subscription box, and if they include their email address, they will be able to download the eBook or software demo edition. As a result, you may receive email, and if they share your eBook with their friends or relatives, you will see an increase in visitors.

  1. Promote with a Facebook Page:

Facebook is a popular online marketing and money-making website. Your Facebook page will help you earn money, and you can use it to advertise your deals. Offers can be posted on your Facebook page’s timeline. Remember to have a call-to-action button or an email sign-up form on your website. So, if a new product or service is released, you can announce it on your Facebook page and provide a link to your website so that your fans can easily visit it. As a result, you should promote your business on Facebook while also growing your email list.

  1. Have a call-to-action button on your Facebook page:

On your Facebook page, you can put a call-to-action button. As a result, everyone can quickly sign up for your newsletter and subscribe to it.

  1. Use LinkedIn to promote deals:

Promote your subscription link on your company’s Social media page and in online forums. Your connections should be shared in various LinkedIn groups. If they like your products or services, they will contact you or send you an email. Start experimenting with LinkedIn.

  1. Use Pinterest to market offers:

Make a board for your promotional deals, coupon codes, special discounts, and holiday promotions. As a result, banners and deals can easily be pinned to it. People will be able to find your board quickly, and you will be able to create leads and expand your email list as a result.

10. On YouTube videos, add cards or annotations:

Since YouTube is the second largest search engine, you can start creating videos and uploading them to it. As a result, videos can draw attention to you. On your videos, you can include deals, email sign-up cards, and annotations. People note these annotations and cards when they watch your videos. In the description box, you can also provide deals and an email signup address. As a result, YouTube will aid in the expansion of your email database.

11. Use Banners on Your Website to Promote Your Offers:

Make deal banners and position them on your homepage as well as other pages such as About Us and Contact Us. As a result, if anyone ignores the email sign-up pop-up, they can quickly return to your offer. So, on your homepage and blog, build some deal banners or call-to-actions with email sign-ups.

12. Add a Call-to-Action to the Content of Guest Posts:

You must have a connect and a call to action in your content when writing for a Guest Post. In the Author Bio, provide an email sign-up address.This will make it is simple for others to sign up.

13. Promote on a Partner Website:

You can advertise your email newsletter or other exclusive deals on a partner’s website, which is a perfect way to attract new clients and readers. For example, if you come across a website with a similar niche to yours and regular readers, you can use it to promote your own. If you place a banner or email subscription link on their website, people can see it and sign up for your newsletter. As a result, by promoting on another website, you will increase your email list.

14. Host a Webinar Online:

You can host an online webinar and invite attendees via email. People will sign up for your webinar, and you’ll get emails as a result.

  1. Have a QR code:

Create your own QR code for free eBooks or email subscriptions. As a result, people can scan QR codes to download eBooks or sign up for your email newsletter right away. It is a one-of-a-kind method of collecting emails from your audience.

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