Easiest way to earn $1000/Weekly by affiliate marketing

Many people don’t know that they can easily earn $1000 or more weekly through affiliate marketing. It doesn’t take any hard work to achieve that once you know the step-by-step strategy that I have been using day in day out to make over $10,000 weekly by simply asking people to do the work for me.

Here are the break down in 3 easy steps on how that done:

  1. Join an affiliate network (a CPA Affiliate Network) that pays based on performance (Action).
  2. Reach out to people and ask them to do the “Action” for you will pay them for the action. The for each action they do, you may earn $ 2.5 and you in turn should pay them way less than what you will earn, eg $ 0.10.
  3. They do the Action, you pay them, and you get paid by the affiliate network.

This strategy has been proven to work 100%.

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