How to write a Blog Post that Generates Massive Trafic

Hey, would you like the formula for getting at least 23,000 visitors per blog post to your Blog?

Have you ever read a post on a popular blogger’s blog and said to yourself, “Hey!” They all have the same format. And, believe it or not, it’s not by chance; it’s for a reason. Because of that formula, a blog can receive at least 37,000 visitors per post. Do you want to know the secret to writing the perfect blog post? Let’s get this party started…

Now, let me ask you a question: How many times have you written a blog post? You know what, whether you’ve ever written a blog post or not, I’m going to share the perfect recipe that great bloggers use. It works for B2C, B2B, Personal blogs, Corporate blogs, and all in between. It is, without a doubt, the best formula available.

The first tip is to start with a Title.

Don’t start writing a blog post until you know exactly what you’re going to write about. Just two out of ten people can click through to read the rest of your article after reading your headline. No matter how great of a blog post you write, if you don’t have a catchy headline, no one will read the rest of it. It all boils down to the headline, cover, or whatever name you want to give it.

If you’re looking for inspiration, go to the grocery store and pick up a magazine. You see all these magazines at the grocery store while you’re checking out! They have amazing titles of How To, articles like “Lose weight in 30 days,” “How to shed five pounds quickly!” It doesn’t matter what kind of magazine it is, whether it’s a business magazine, a health magazine, or a gossip magazine, they all use catchy titles. That’s exactly what you can do with your blog post. As a result, you should look for inspiration in magazines.

Stick to the fundamentals. Use “How To a lot”. It helps a lot, and they can’t get boring. So begin with the title. You don’t have to limit yourself to only one variation. You can make two or three combinations, and ask people, “Hey, which do you like?” Ask a few friends, and then choose the best one.

The first paragraph; The Introduction.

When it comes to writing a blog post, the introduction is the second move you must take. You need to grab people’s attention with a bold declaration in your introduction.

“Hey, do you want a formula that breaks down how I get at least 23,000 visitors per blog post?”

I enticed you with that. People can read the rest of the story if you hook them in the first place. And it’s not just talking that draws people in with your introduction. It’s all about communicating about the topics that will be discussed in the article. Giving them a short rundown of what you’re going to tell them is a perfect way to pique their interest and encourage them to read more of your blog post and even leave a comment at the end of your article

Let’s get into the meat of the matter now that we’ve completed the introduction.

The Body; Subheadings should be included in the body

Remember that you want your content to be skimmable. You’re not going to do well if people can’t skim it. Subheadings should be included in the body, and paragraphs should be no more than five or six lines long.

Furthermore, link out to other people while writing content in the body. That’s part of a strategy great Bloggers use; it’s not only about linking to your own website; it’s also about linking to other websites. And when you connect to other websites, you open up your sources, and cite them, it gives you more credibility, and it makes you and your company seems more knowledgeable, which is exactly how you want to be viewed when you’re writing material.

The conclusion

Last but not least, you should end your article with a conclusion. The conclusion summarizes the content of your article, and you end it with a question.

More people are likely to leave a comment if you end with a question. It generates engagement when they leave a comment. You’re much more likely to generate sales if you can get people to engage with your content.

People who read your blog but don’t interact with you are less likely to become leads or purchase your goods or services. As a result, it’s important that you end with a question.

Here’s what we discovered…

What we discovered was that when people first land on a blog post, they quickly scroll to the bottom, read the conclusion, and then go back up and read the rest, the is if they liked the conclusion.

As a result, make sure your conclusion is labeled “Conclusion.” Keep it easy, don’t get fancy. Simply put, it’s a good ol’ Conclusion.

There you have it: The blog post formula! It’s not that difficult.

Here’s a bonus suggestion:

Now, one thing that needs noting during this whole process of writing blog posts is the importance of linking to other websites. And here’s the bonus tip: We know this goes beyond writing, but it’s something that very few people do. It flatters other people when you link up with them. People enjoy receiving backlinks because linking out to others generates more traffic. Especially if you’re linking to them in a positive light.

Hopefully, your blog post does not contain any personal attacks. So, once you’ve linked up with them, send them an email.

"Hey Mike, I have to admit, I am a big fan of your work, to the point that I linked to you in my most recent blog post, which you can read here.
P.S. If you shared it, it would make my day”

That is everything there is to it. Many people would be happy to share your articles on Twitter if you approach them that way. It increases traffic to the blog owner’s site and makes the person you connect to look awesome! That’s what there is to it.

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