Second Tier Affiliate Programs Explained

In the future, how can referring new affiliates to an affiliate program earn me money? That’s where a second-tier affiliate program comes into play.

Affiliates are becoming increasingly astute. Affiliates nowadays are aware of the various forms of traffic for which they can be compensated.There are several terms, which includes CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, CPD, and others.

CPM stands for cost per thousand impressions, which means the publisher (the website owner) is paid every time a banner is shown.

CPC stands for cost per click, and it refers to how much a publisher (or email marketer, or other marketer) is paid each time a banner or text connection is clicked.

The other methods of compensation are classified under the term performance marketing, which is also where the term affiliate is most widely used.

An affiliate is a marketer who earns money by sending visitors to another site through a variety of methods (including putting banners or text links on their own site, purchasing supported listings on search engines, email marketing, and a variety of other methods). This action may be a lead (CPL stands for Cost per Lead), a sale (CPS stands for Cost per Sale), a download (CPD stands for Cost per Download), or a variety of other items.

CPA (cost per acquisition or action ) is a term used by those in the Internet industry to refer to performance-based marketing, but it is often used to refer to particular forms of campaigns such as leads or sales.

The rest is simple now that we’ve gotten through the difficult part.

The affiliate is compensated for directing visitors to a specific landing page where they must complete a specific action, such as a lead, a sale, a download, or another action that the advertiser needs. Some marketers, for example, want to create their databases, so they pay for each opt-in email address they receive; others want leads from specific locations, so they pay for zip codes, and then try to persuade visitors to fill out a more comprehensive lead form after they enter their zip code.

The common denominator is that the affiliate is compensated when a specific action is performed.

A second-tier affiliate program is basically seeking new advertisers to sign up under you to do EXACTLY what you’re doing now, which is sending visitors to various offers and getting paid when they take some kind of action. So, why would you want other advertisers to join your team and push the same deals as you? Simply put, you get paid a percentage of the revenue generated by the affiliate you referred? Does it seem to be difficult?

Don’t worry, it’s not difficult to comprehend. Let’s say Jack promotes five separate deals across a single affiliate network. He is compensated for every lead, sale, email, and zip code he generated as a result of these various offers. Jack now informs Mark about the Network and convinces him to join by sending him a banner or text link that includes Jack’s referral code. Mark now joins the Affiliate Network as Jack’s affiliate and begins marketing the Affiliate Network’s numerous offers and advertisers. They don’t have to be the same offers as the ones Jack is pushing. Mark will advertise ANY of the Affiliate Network’s offers.

The best part is yet to come…

Jack earns a percentage of any sums Mark is paid above and above what Mark is paid. So, if Mark is paid $1000 in Month 1 and if the second Tier Affiliate program pays 5%, then Jack will be paid $50 simply for referring Mark.

However, it gets even better.

Some second tier affiliate networks pay commissions for the rest of your life. So Jack doesn’t just get a referral commission for a month or a year; he gets it FOREVER.

If Mark becomes a super associate and begins to generate massive monthly commissions, Jack can simply sit back and receive the checks as he did when he referred him.

When looking for affiliates to sign up under you in second Tier Affiliate Programs, there are three things to keep in mind:

Is the affiliate program or affiliate network reputable, does it have proper monitoring so your referrals are properly monitored, does it have successful campaigns and offers for affiliates to advertise so they actually make money, and does it pay on time? What percentage of sums charged to your referrals do you get paid? There are different Affilisaite programs , so compare them to see what the industry standard is.

How long do you expect to keep getting referral commissions? Some people pay for a month, others for a lifetime, and there are plenty of options in between.

So do your research and find a second-tier program that will pay you for the work you do now and in the future.

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